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Founded in 2004 by Benjamin Rich, a former federal employee with a passion for financial planning, TSP Pilot has become a trusted resource for Thrift Savings Plan investors. Under the leadership of his grandson Jackson Rich, who holds a degree in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, TSP Pilot continues to help federal employees maximize their TSP investments.

Over the years, we have proudly served thousands of federal employees, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge needed to achieve their financial goals. Our passionate team brings a wealth of experience and valuable insights to our services. We are dedicated to leveraging technology to deliver the most straightforward and beneficial service to our users, maintaining our reputation for excellence and reliability.

As we look to the future, TSP Pilot remains committed to empowering federal employees with the best financial planning resources available. Whether you’re just starting your career or approaching retirement, we’re here to help you navigate your TSP investments with confidence.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me personally at jackson@tsppilot.com. I’m always happy to help.

Having been with the Federal Government for nearly 20 years, I enrolled in the TSP Pilot early on. Having sound market knowledge from the TSP Pilot has enabled me to build toward a sound and comfortable retirement.

Inspite of the current market challenges, I remain assured, my money is protected from market turbulence. I highly recommend anyone participating in the TSP subscribe to TSP Pilot.

Travis M.

I started on TSP Pilot in 2010 after a co-worker told me about it. Once I decided on my risk level (aggressive), I dialed in.

TSP Pilot gives me peace of mind and has allowed me to not stress when the market dips. I’ve followed all recommendations, since starting on TSP Pilot, and have watched my assets grow exponentially. I follow the recommended allocation when they are posted within a day, and I go about life, knowing that TSP Pilot, is at the controls with me as co-pilot.

Vonija S.

More Testimonials


I don’t have worry about my funds. I read the messages, and follow their instructions. Done.

– Martha V.


Very time detailed information allowing me to make smart decisions in regards to my TSP ACCOUNT!

– Joseph N.


TSP Pilot removes the hassle of and uncertainties of investing on my own. I joined TSP PILOT 10 or more years ago after seeing it in FedSmith years ago. I tried it for a year and have not looked. Only wish I had found it sooner. I’ve stayed the course as recommended by TSP Pilot. I am pleased with my investments. I know I would not be where I am without TSP Pilot. Thank you so much.

– Linda B.


Right on time. Helped me effortlessly recover. Thank you.

– Daniel M.


I’ve been using tsp pilot for many years. They keep me from the huge losses and still positioned to take advantage the huge gain

– Samuel H.


It is a reliable and good guide for people who do not have economic knowledge like me.

– Robert O.


I have not used the TSP Pilot in several years but when I did, I found it generally helpful.

– Thomas O.


TSP Pilot has provided me with excellent TSP funds allocation guidance since I signed up in 2006 (I believe that was my initial year). Having gone through a divorce, all I had was a $70K TSP balance, with a $35K TSP loan against it. Using TSP Pilot guidance on allocation distributions between the various Funds and trying to invest at the yearly IRS maximum amount (at that time about $20K), I was able to “grow” my TSP balance to approximately $450K at the end of 2013. I retired from federal service in July 2015 and managed to add additional 401K funds from a post retirement (civilian job) for a 2 year period into my TSP account and I now have an approx. $550K TSP balance; having fully retired in June 2017. Good Luck? … maybe, but I’m going to go with sound investing strategy (sometimes Aggressive portfolio distributions … sometimes Conservative portfolio distributions) – and always sound market analysis from TSP Pilot. Thank you.

– Guy N.


I feel confident TSP Pilot has my best interests at heart.

– Sherrie F.


I have been using TSP Pilot for over 10 years and during that time I have always seen growth even when the market has been down my losses were not that bad.

– Stuart S.


I’m retired and no longer have TSP but I have mutual funds and remain a subscriber because it is an easy way to follow the market

– John P.


I appreciate the detailed monthly summary of economic news even when allocations remain unchanged, and detailed rationale when changes are recommended.

– James B.


TSP Pilot has helped me increase my return on my money. I could not have achieved a better return investing on my own.

– George R.


I pull out money every month and still have more in my account then when I retired. TSP Pilot removes all worries about good investments.

– Bryan H.


I’ve used it for over a decade. It’s fast, easy, and painless – just what I want it to be.

– Rob M.

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